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Favorite places to visit on the internet




Other sites of interest with photos from Iceland


Commented photos of a trip around Iceland:


Glaciers and more:


Ballooning in Iceland:


Fascinating photos of the Aurora Borealis and links to related sites:


360o panoramic pictures.  Don't miss the one of Thingvellir!



More beautiful sunset and nature photos This is the web site of a young couple from Poland. Even if you don't read Polish (I don't...), you can still appreciate the artistic quality of their photos (Dick Locke's site also has many astronomy photos, and gorgeous pictures of flowers and insects in Texas)




Artistic Photos (mostly black and white)


Hundreds of superb photos of women from Brittany wearing their traditional embroidered bonnets and costumes: (site is in French, but the photos are worth the visit event if you can't read the text)


When they were young (photos about childhood):



Fascinating photos


Our planet is so beautiful! Earth photographed from Mars


The universe as seen by the Hubble space telescope





An interesting site about procrastination:


People getting together to discuss fictitious inventions:


Take a look at the latest gadgets:


A slideshow illustrating the power of ten:


Mick Gould's bicycle ride through America to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research:


For francophones:


He is a very talented contemporary French poet: Christian Cally





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