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Some of the greatest people I have known



There are some wonderful people in the world. Here are some that I am, or have been, lucky enough to call my friends:





Photo of Meno

This is Meno about 2 years before her sudden death in December 2002.



I have dedicated this entire web site to the memory of Meno, my dear friend from Montreal, Canada, who passed away recently. Meno used to dream about international travel, but when I first met her, she had never left Canada, or even the Quebec region. She just daydreamed about far away places, and collected other people's travel photos until the hard disk of her little computer nearly crashed.


Find out how Meno, thanks to her magical kindness and good humor, got to fulfill at least some of her travel dreams. Also, find out why so many people from all over the world are now missing her dearly. 

More about Meno on her own page (in French)






Photo of Sally in Central Park, New York

Tree goddess: recent photo of Sally in Central Park



Sally is my wonderful daughter. She is one of the most likable persons I know, always so generous, considerate, thoughtful, and friendly. Note that I take no credits for that, it is her intrinsic nature, and the influence of the great family she came from.


Sally was born in a little village in Burkina Faso. I adopted her when she was 8 years old, which is how she became first a Parisian, then eventually a New Yorker. I am happy about the fact that she is currently writing a book about her experiences as a world citizen. I hope to post excerpts from this book here when she is ready - if she allows me. Parts that I read are quite good, taking the reader into totally different world cultures as seen anew through the fresh eyes of a foreign child or young adult. I think that many people will like this book.  






Photo of Gene Gould signing one of his paintings

Gene Gould signing one of his paintings



There is no question in my mind that my friend Gene Gould is one of the greatest artists of our time. What I don't know is: how long will it take before other people recognize that too? Theoretically, I should not care about that, but artists need feedback. Giving one's life to artistic creation is not easy, and encouragement from friends as well as strangers can make a lot of difference. Sometimes I wonder: would Van Gogh have killed himself if he had been a little bit more appreciated in his time?


Anyway, take a look at Gene Gould's artworks at the Art-In-Time Gallery, or on his personal web site (where he posts snapshots of his paintings in progress). Then, if you appreciate his work, please send him a brief email to tell him. Artists need encouragement more than anything else! Who knows? Because of that simple gesture, your grandchildren may well have a few more masterpieces to enjoy...