Spica's "art"

(Actually, I often call that my NonArt..)


I often use photographs for inspiration, but I don't use mechanical ways of copying images. Free-hand drawing is certainly more difficult, but at least I don't feel like a cheat.   :)

Learning from the masters..   

my drawing

original painting by Mantegna

Superposition (just to show that I am not using grids or any other trick)




This was my first trial with alkyd paints.  I made a copy of a Macke painting. This one is far from being finished.  I am copying a Mantegna. There is such a nice feeling to the original painting, I hope that I can convey some of that in my copy.


This was my attempt at painting my friend and art teacher Gene Gould thinking about colors.   Sepia and white ink drawing on cardboard. For some reason, I like the process of working with this medium


These drawings may not be the best, but I am proud of them because they were made from real life:



These drawings are better, but they were all inspired by photos:







Practice, practice, practice...  



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