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Spica & Gene's best photos from Iceland, Canada, and France.


Let me preface by saying that I love Google as a search engine, and use it all the time.  However, I am also convinced that the method they use to estimate the relative importance of web pages is responsible for the creation of millions of useless pages by greedy webmasters. Hopefully,   they will fix this problem some day...

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Most of these are of my own invention, but I also included some more traditional French recipes that I learned from my mother. Enjoy!

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Meet Meno, a remarkable little lady from Montreal, and find out why so many people loved her. Also, notes about other dear friends of mine.


Here is a list of some of my favorite web sites. Hopefully, these nice sites in turn will lead you towards other nice sites. That's the way the web is supposed to work.  Happy surfing!


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Recent additions to this site

3/20/2004: New photos of the inside of the cathedral in Le Mans, France


3/20/2004: New page with some of my most  recent drawings




NEW : Did you forget to watch the sunset today?

Perhaps you had to stay late at work,  

or you were too busy putting the kids to bed at that time?

I watch almost every day, so if it is beautiful or interesting

(and it often is here in Houston), I'll take a photo for you...







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